Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do you have to be to move into Garden Court Retirement?

A: To meet the Fair Housing Standards, a retirement community must designate an age restriction. Garden Court Retirement’s age restriction is 55 years old +.


Q: How do people pay for their apartment and services?

A: Garden Court Retirement is a private pay community, which means you pay out of your family’s private funds.  We do not have a Medicaid contract. However, we provide free assistance to procure Wartime Vet’s Aide and Attendance Benefits if you meet their eligibility requirements.


Q: Is there a buy-in requirement?

A: At Garden Court Retirement, we think seniors are at the stage in their life that they want to reduce risk and have control over their funds. Also, they want to stay flexible so they can move if their family moves to another part of the country. A month to month lease is simple and what we offer. With 30 days written notice, you are off the hook if you decide to move.


Q: Can I stay at Garden Court Retirement until I pass away?

A: Most of our residents finish their lives at Garden Court. However, your staying is determined by the level of your medical condition. Assisted living communities, like Garden Court Retirement, are licensed to provide assistance with daily living, but not true nursing care. However, at end of life, to avoid making a family member move during a tough time, families pay to have outside nursing services come in and provide a higher level of care for their loved one. Garden Court works with Hospice services as well.


Q: Can my grand kids come spend the night with me?

A: Garden Court Retirement is family friendly!  You can have guests stay with you for up to 2 weeks. You would only be responsible to sign them in the building to learn our fire procedures and pay for their meals, if you decide not to cook.


Q: My sorority sisters, card club, and monthly genealogy group used to meet at my home. When I move in, can they still meet here in a private room?

A: At Garden Court Retirement there are many community rooms you can reserve for your friend and family events.  There is no cost for the room. If you want meal services, we can provide those at a cost. You would meet with the chef to determine the menu and the prices. You have the fun and we clean up the mess.


Q: Can I move to a smaller apartment in the future?

A: Yes. Many times residents first move in, want a lot space, but decide later that their apartment could be smaller because they spend most of their days outside the apartment in the greater community area. Or if you’re someone with a large apartment and your spouse passes away, or your care costs go up and you can’t afford it, moving into a smaller apartment is a good way to save money.


Q: Will I lose my independence or privacy in a community environment?

A: Your apartment is your private space and people can only enter with your permission, unless there is a good reason for it, like a broken pipe! You get up when you want, go to bed when you want, eat when you want, and leave when you want. Your rights are covered under the regulations of the State of Washington. Most people find that their independence actually increases. Their time is freed up from mundane cooking and cleaning tasks, leaving them more time for fun and family.


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